The Petrucci Family Foundation Collection of African-American Art brings focus to the full range of African-American art and its essential place in the history and discourse of American art.

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  • Avel de Knight
  • Barbara Bullock, The Whirling Dance, Water media, 1985.
  • Arcmanaro Niles, When We Were Young, Oil on Canvas, 2016
  • Sterling Shaw,
  • Kara Walker, No World, 2010.
  • Dawoud Bey, Deas McNeill, The Barber, 1976
  • William Artis, Michael (Head of a Boy)
  • Thelma Johnson Streat_The Negro in Professional Life (Mural Study Featuring Women in the Workplace) (thumbnail)
  • Haywood Rivers_Untitled_temp
  • James Brantley, The Delaware, Oil, 2012. Landscape with the Delaware River.
  • Louis Sloan, Seascape #1

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